Yearly Archives: 2007

8-5-06 This was a deep sea fishing trip with me, Al, Katherine, Dave Riccidelli, and my nephew Nick.  We caught a bunch of these little red fish that they were calling snapper, but I thought was called a croacker.  Fishing was slow, but we had a good time.


Deep Sea Fishing

7-25-06  Al caught this monster bass on Stiles Pond in Boxford with him, me and George all crammed into his little rowboat.  We only caught a couple of fish that day, but this was a good one.  We didn't have a scale, but my guess is between 5-6lbs.  I think Al was using a Hula Popper, and the sun had just gone down.  It was huge!

Al’s Monster Bass


2-17-07  Nice weather and nice fishing today. It was sunny and about 30° F but a bit windy.

Justin pulled out a 4.25 lb largemouth. It barely fit through the 6" hole!

  Gary followed up with a personal record, 5.25 lb largemouth. We also caught a couple of nice sized pickerel ~22 in.


Ice Fishing Lake Lenape, NJ


We are planning on getting cabins at the same place we did in 2005, which is the Piping Rock Resort in Wolfeboro.  Hopefully George won't burn the place down this year.  This year's trip will be very special, as it will be Al's last weekend as a free man.  
We will plan on renting at least one boat this year, maybe more depending on the head count for the trip.   Keep checking the website for more details.

If you want to contact me for more details, email me at


Trip 2007: Wolfeboro, NH, Lake Winnipesaukee, May 4-6