Other outings

Other fishing trips

Al and I took his RV down to the Cape to fish with my uncle Phil.  We had a great time, and caught many keepers, including these two strippers shown in the picture.  Some of the fish were over 40", and Al and I had lots of fish to bring home.  I borrowed these really cool sunglasses from my uncle, so if anyone is looking to get a pair for themselves, let me know.


Al and Justin’s RV Cape Trip

8-5-06 This was a deep sea fishing trip with me, Al, Katherine, Dave Riccidelli, and my nephew Nick.  We caught a bunch of these little red fish that they were calling snapper, but I thought was called a croacker.  Fishing was slow, but we had a good time.


Deep Sea Fishing

7-25-06  Al caught this monster bass on Stiles Pond in Boxford with him, me and George all crammed into his little rowboat.  We only caught a couple of fish that day, but this was a good one.  We didn't have a scale, but my guess is between 5-6lbs.  I think Al was using a Hula Popper, and the sun had just gone down.  It was huge!

Al’s Monster Bass