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Congratulations to Al for getting a 97% on his boating certificate test, we now have two captains for our monsterous pontoon boats.  I think our contest should be for the most bass caught per boat, loser shops for and cooks dinner.  We should also have an individual winner for the biggest fish, with the winner getting some sort of prize. 

As far as directions to Piping Rock Resort, I don't have any, they are not posted on their website.  Your route would be dependent on where you are coming from.  I would suggest just Googling the address.  The contact info is:

Piping Rock Resort   680 North Main Street, Wolfeboro, NH 03489   (603) 569-1915

Winnipesaukee Fishing Trip, May 4-6 – Update


I can't wait for this years fishing trip.  I have heard from some people and I'm oing to start updating their info on the site with regards to getting to the camp, etc.  Here goes:

- I will be heading down Friday AM and will meet Justin and Gary there.  Then we will pick up the boats.  Justin reserved 2 pontoon boats for us and I need to pass a NH captians test in order to pick one up.  Hope that I pass or we will be rowing...

- Dave R. is a definite.  He is flying in to Logan early Friday and is willing to pick up others who may be flying into Logan that AM.

- Kenny L. is a definite.  He is flying to Manchester, NH - not sure when.

This trip will be fun…


We are planning on getting cabins at the same place we did in 2005, which is the Piping Rock Resort in Wolfeboro.  Hopefully George won't burn the place down this year.  This year's trip will be very special, as it will be Al's last weekend as a free man.  
We will plan on renting at least one boat this year, maybe more depending on the head count for the trip.   Keep checking the website for more details.

If you want to contact me for more details, email me at


Trip 2007: Wolfeboro, NH, Lake Winnipesaukee, May 4-6


The 2006 trip was the weekend before Memorial Day. The Mother's day flood caused a last minute change in location. Lake Winnipesaukee was full of debris and the water was too high to get the rental boat under the bridge. We found a house on Forrest Lake in western NH not affected by the flood.

Not many fish and not many big ones this year. Gary caught the record 18 1/4 in, 2.5 lbs.

Trip 2006: Forrest Lake, Winchester, NH