Trip 2006: Forrest Lake, Winchester, NH 1

The 2006 trip was the weekend before Memorial Day. The Mother’s day flood caused a last minute change in location. Lake Winnipesaukee was full of debris and the water was too high to get the rental boat under the bridge. We found a house on Forrest Lake in western NH not affected by the flood.


Not many fish and not many big ones this year. Gary caught the record 18 1/4 in, 2.5 lbs.

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One thought on “Trip 2006: Forrest Lake, Winchester, NH

  • bigdan46

    I live in the same town which Forest lake is in. Sounds like you just had a couple of bad days or might have not known where the fish are. It’s not uncommon for me and a buddy of mine to go there on a Saturday and have 15-20 bass each ranging from 2-5lbs. If you wanted to come back to the lake i could show how good it can be.