Winnipesaukee July 3rd 2007 3

I am embarassed to say I wasn’t sure what this fish was. Looking at some pictures online I think it is a Lake Whitefish. Needless to say it was the first I’ve cought. Caught from a dock in Merrideth, NH on a lure.


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3 thoughts on “Winnipesaukee July 3rd 2007

  • bigdan46

    What you have there is a River dace. All it is a type of shinner that grows up to 20".  They make great pike bait for ice fishing. The best size to use is 6-9".

  • Shahalam

    Went to northern Pa renetd a cabin, fished and relaxed all weekend. My little girl hauled in bluegills, catfish, several nice smallmouth (about 14 inches), rockbass, and other assorted fish. Everything we hooked we gave her to reel in, plus she caught a bunch on her own. I almost stepped on a huge Copperhead lying in the water, damn thing got away. I hate snakes.