This trip will be fun… 1

I can’t wait for this years fishing trip.  I have heard from some people and I’m oing to start updating their info on the site with regards to getting to the camp, etc.  Here goes:

– I will be heading down Friday AM and will meet Justin and Gary there.  Then we will pick up the boats.  Justin reserved 2 pontoon boats for us and I need to pass a NH captians test in order to pick one up.  Hope that I pass or we will be rowing…

– Dave R. is a definite.  He is flying in to Logan early Friday and is willing to pick up others who may be flying into Logan that AM.

– Kenny L. is a definite.  He is flying to Manchester, NH – not sure when.

As for the rest of you I am not sure who is definitely coming.  As I know I will update the site.

One more thing.  I propose some sort of contest between the 2 boats.  Perhaps biggest fish caught or something.  The losers will need to cook dinner and prepare/bring all beverages for the winners.  I don’t know – think about it.  Also, regarding money,  Justin said that if all 10 attend the cost for the camp and the boats will be about $200 each which is a great deal.  Please prepare to pay justin when you come so he doesn’t have to wait because right now all deposits have been paid by him.

Talk soon.


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One thought on “This trip will be fun…

  • justin

    How about the boat with the most fish wins, with the losing boat having to cook dinner.  Then we could have a seperate contest for biggest fish, with the winner getting some sort of prize.  We should all pitch in and buy a trophy for the biggest fish winner, and the winner gets to keep the trophy until the next year.